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John Maeda visits the product team at BetterWorks!
"Summer in San Francisco" by Rob Duncan of Mucho Design

Hacking type—nice short on the upcoming trend in Generative Typography.

Such a great video for Drawnimal!

Happy Friday designers! Enjoy with a PBR.
This summer, I had a design internship at Propane Studio, a digital agency in San Francisco. For 10 weeks, I worked with a team of about 35 designers, strategists, developers, and PM’s on a variety of different projects for a range of clients. Gaining agency experience was really valuable. In a fast paced, collaborative environment alongside super talented, brilliant designers, I buckled down and honed my skills in responsive web design, and had a ton of fun along the way. I sat in on client meetings and learned a lot about articulating design decisions, picked up a bunch of useful tips and tricks of the trade, and one of my website designs was actually presented to one of our clients, an 8 billion dollar global corporation. This kind of impact is huge for an intern and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. 
My fellow interns and I made this print as a farewell gift for Propane, and it’s now hanging in the studio. We wanted to share a collection of special memories from what was a really great summer, and I’d like to share it here on our blog!


Sometimes we build apps together. This one is called Looksie!

Oblivion GFX Montage from Joseph Chan on Vimeo.

Motion graphics and user interaction hold such a tight bond. These beautiful graphics were created for the film, Oblivion.